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Comprehensive Property Management Services in Union City, CA

Real estate is a major investment for any individual or organization, and it is a smart one that’s likely to turn a profit for the long term. One way to ensure this outcome is by having a team on your side, which can provide comprehensive property management services in Union City, CA.

At PCOM, we provide a wide variety of services for all of our commercial property customers, including:

  • Sales & Leasing Brokerage
  • Construction Management
  • Asset Valuation
  • Property Management
  • Tax Assessment Appeals
  • Partnership Equity Financing
  • Commercial Real Estate Brokerage
  • Commercial Real Estate Leasing
  • Property Management Services

Maximizing the Value of Your Property

We are a team with a vast amount of experience in the industry, and we know how to help our clients maximize the value of their respective properties. We apply our insight and knowledge of the building management industry to stay ahead of the curve by employing proactive maintenance practices and value-added improvements. In this way, you return on your investment is not diminished over time; it remains steady and dependable.

In some instances, the methods we’ve used have resulted in savings of as much as 25% for property owners. We reach such lofty savings through a combination of leveraging multiple managed properties to obtain volume discounts, by implementing energy-efficient upgrades, and by being focused on getting the best prices on improvements to tenant units as well as property maintenance contracts.

We keep your properties occupied by reliable tenants whom we have sourced using current market data. Once they are found, we keep them happy by developing solid professional relationships.

Property Management Services |Union City, CA

Keeping the Lines of Communication Open

Of course, we could be doing all the good work in the world on your behalf, and it would make little impression on you as a client if you are not kept informed. We make communication a major part of our service. You are kept up-to-date on the status of your properties, such as occupancy rates, the state of leases, and other relevant information.

We’re a property management company that strives to keep you aware of what’s happening with your investment at all times. To meet that goal, we provide clear financial reports regularly. Our fees are competitive and, combined with our dedication to strong ethics and prompt, effective decisions, make us the choice of property owners across the region.

Contact us to take advantage of our property management services. We are proud to serve clients in Union City, CA, and the surrounding area.